Dear Someone Who Decided To Stop Drinking.

Here’s a wonderful letter by Lisa McColgan to those who’ve decided to stop drinking. It’s perfect.

Lisa McColgan

Congratulations. What you’ve just decided to do for yourself is huge.

It’s also scary. I know this. I have been where you are. It’s a lover who has turned on you, but you have become so used to having it around that its abrupt removal from the picture is nothing short of terrifying. Despite its abusiveness, despite its empty promises and all the problems it has heaped upon you, you miss it with a desperation that borders on pathology.

I won’t lie to you – it’s going to be hard as hell for a little while. This is why you must reach out and talk to somebody who will understand; doesn’t have to be one particular group of somebodies (there are many such groups, and all of them are helpful), but you will fare better for having a genuinely empathetic ear – or several – to bend. It’s also why…

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